"I am alone. The world which shook at my feet, and the trees, and the sky, have gone, and I am alone now, alone. The wind bites now, and the world is grey, and I am alone. Can’t see me. Doesn’t see me. Can’t see me."

carol. twenty-two. brazilian. I like to watch tv shows and pretend to know how to use photoshop. lots of doctor who, but basically a multifandom madness. currently obsessed with swan queen and crying over lana parrilla [previously tardis-of-bones]

 Season 4 Screening.

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jennifer morrison at the OUAT S4 premiere


→ Au : Got Race!bending: Asian Fancast :

Daniel Wu as Jon Snow, Michelle Yeoh as Catelyn Stark, Zhou Xun as Daenerys Targaryen, Suzuka Ogo as Arya Stark, Andy Lau as Stannis Baratheon, Liu Yifei as Sansa stark, Chow Yun Fat as Tywin Lannister, Gong Li as Cersei Lannister, Chang Chen as Jaime Lannister, Zhang Ziyi as Margaery Tyrell, Huang Xiaoming as Robb Stark, Ken Watanabe as Ned Stark

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The Queen has arrived!


@itstroyjensen: Out of the shadows, @lparrilla begins to make her dramatic entrance.

today on I have no idea what equality means:

"not every tv show has to have representation ok"

can we take a moment to appreciate how far the swan queen relationship has come? how emma went from ‘the only reason you’re not dead is because I need your help to save henry’ to protect and believe in regina at all costs, how regina went from ‘I found a solution to my emma swan problem’ to saving emma again and again, how they went from ‘he’s my son!’ and ‘no he’s mine’ to ‘our son’, how they went from enemies to family