"Evil is isn't born, it's made, and so is good."

carol. twenty-two. brazilian. I like to watch tv shows and pretend to know how to use photoshop. lots of doctor who, but basically a multifandom madness. currently obsessed with swan queen and crying over lana parrilla [previously tardis-of-bones]

sarah is fangirling so much over tatiana on the women who kick ass panel so cute

man this fic is so dark and there’s so many fucked up things but I can’t stop reading it

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Do not under any circumstance do a gif set from Callie's last chapter. Fanart I can deal with. Just don't do gif set. reading it hurt enough.


it really did hurt :/[[MORE]]not gonna lie I thought about making a gifset of the exact moment emma died oopsie but I don’t know which scenes to use

the fact that it’s ‘acceptable’ to show explicit sex scenes on tv here, but show one gay kiss (and this is it, just one or two pecks on the lips, it’s what we get) and people start with the ‘there are children watching’ argument, never ceases to amaze me

"Are you implying that you don’t?" she looks at Emma with wide eyes. "She cannot be saying what I think she’s saying". Regina thinks.

"Well… I don’t know, would that be the craziest thing that happened around here?" Emma answers her with a shrug, leaving Regina more stunned than before.

"You cannot possibly be serious, Miss Swan!" Yes, she was definitely saying what Regina thought she was saying. That they could actually be a couple someday. Not just that… be a family.

“I’m not saying we… I mean… what I’m saying is… it doesn’t look like she is lying.” She averts her eyes and starts to pick at her fingernails.

“I’m just going to pretend I didn’t hear this, have you completely lost your mind? That woman is not our daughter, Emma!” Regina snaps. "No… she simply can’t be… it’s impossible". How could she ever become Emma’s… lover? Or… wife? No, just the idea was already simply ridiculous.

Emma just rolls her eyes at her. “Fine, ok. You’re right, it is madness. But here’s the thing, Regina… we have to figure this out then, we have to talk to her.”

"Yes, we have. Let’s talk to this… Elsa then.” Regina releases a breath she didn’t even notice she had been holding.

Neither of them notices the woman standing outside the room, hearing every word they said, and wondering how she was gonna make her mothers believe her.

The Elsa Swan Mills Universe


Emily Deschanel | Comic-Con 2014 Interview (x)

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baby fever is a current state of mine. come join, its fun and miserable.

lol it is miserable when you know you don’t have the means, you don’t even have your own house or a job whatsoever right now  and sometimes it’s just the want to educate your little ones idk I’m really talking nonsense rn haha

I want a tiny human I mean a baby not a dwarf omg what?